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Reliable Technicians

Capital Relamping & Signs specializes in residential and commercial services. Whether you are installing or removing a sign, you can rest assured knowing the professionals will take care of everything for you from start to finish. We get the job done right. 


Flexible Services

Lighting repairs and services are provided on time and as required, 24 hours a day.

This includes:

- Repairs, Inspection and replacement of worn out lamps, ballasts and sockets in all fixtures. 

 - Repair/Replacement of damaged poles, installation of new poles, supplying service, trenching, etc.

- Service and installation of Daktronics and Watchfire price changers for gas stations. 

- Signage lighting installation and maintenance
* Typically signs are costly to maintain and use inefficient T12 fluorescent technology as a light source. By upgrading to LED, consumption can be reduced by roughly 60% or more, with significant maintenance savings; which equates to greatly reduced, costly service calls.

CRS is extremely capable in regards to upgrading lighting systems, providing customers significant cost reductions and providing optimum light levels for any space. We are capable of completing lighting designs that maximize efficiencies while being mindful of legal lighting requirements. Our knowledgeable team will bring innovative ideas to improve your lighting and energy performance. Through our energy audits, clients will have a clear idea of benefits a system upgrade will achieve.

Maintenance plans are set up to ensure the lighting systems are performing at their optimum efficiencies and adhering to code/by-law requirements while minimizing intrusion to daily operations and being mindful of the economics involved.

CRS offers a variety of sign options to cover all of your needs. They range from sticker decals to building signs, and almost everything in between. We use all the latest technology to produce whatever type of signage customers need and have an in-house graphic designer that can help customers with their artwork. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strive to save you both time and money by combining experience and high quality parts and equipment with exceptional service. We will stick with the job until you are satisfied.

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